Chronicle of the Orsinian League

What Has Gone Before

The War for Tar Apis

Previously, on the Chronicles of the Orsinian League:

A young sorcerer joined an occult circle high in the southern reaches of the Five Kings Mountains, an ill-omened place called Droskar’s Crag, after a lonesome journey across the Andoran countryside. There he met up with one wise beyond his years in the wisdom of Stones, the Green, and the Sky. Especially the Sky, and the two, Vix and Breton, had in common an affinity that element.

Called to service from afar, a powerful young Chevalier of Old Taldor rode into High Helm, and meeting with a taciturn former servant of King Borogrim the Hale, agreed to undertake to help capture a lost city— the city of Tar Apis.

Come in search of his roots, a well-travelled elven witch, with the Varisian-styled name Red Dawn Hawk, made friends in the Dwarven library of Tar Kazmukh, with one of the old Blue Warders (the librarians of the place) and an enterprising young Halfling in search of adventure and the whereabouts of a cousin he’d not seen in some time. These two, likewise, joined themselves to the King’s cause, and his secret society, the Orsinian League.

Meeting up in the mountains, alongside a Hell-knight the sorcerer and druid met along the way, the seven battled first a horde of skeletons that lay in wait inside a decoy fortress erected as if by wizardry, then narrowly escaped being caught up in the machinations of two city-states at war over the place (neither of whom ever discovered that the barren citadel was but a ruse.)

Two, they defeated the pair of spellcasters, a narcissist elf wizard and his master, a deranged Dwarven devotee of a mad Eldest god, who had martialed armies of the undead between the two of them, and attained the strange wonders of Tar Apis…. for the league?

But the oddities and horrors they found there gave them pause…


Enantiodromos Enantiodromos

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