Again, alignment is not the beginning and end of philosophy in Avistan, and generally does not intrude explicitly in-character. However it’s a good yardstick for aligning player motives.

Here are my three preferences:

  • Good Alignments, or if not Good, then not Evil.
  • Within one step of base alignments for your Race (/Nation for humans)
  • If not the first two, have high charisma &/or a well developed background.

Just for a quick run-down, here’re a few of the PC races and human nations:

Elves & Half-Elves: Chaotic Good
Orcs & Half-Orcs: Chaotic Evil
Dwarves: Lawful Good
Gnomes: Chaotic Good
Hobgoblins: Lawful Evil
Goblins: Chaotic Evil
Halflings: Neutral Good
Isger: Lawful Neutral
Taldor: Neutral
Galt: Chaotic Neutral
Andoran: Neutral Good
Cheliax: Lawful Evil
Druma: Lawful Neutral

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